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A New Year, New Movies

Film critic Roger Ebert has a great article about why movie revenue is dropping and I agree wholeheartedly with his thoughts.  For 90% of the movies that come out in the theaters these days, you have a better alternative to viewing it if you stay home.  Instead of overpriced popcorn and soda, you can drink beer and make sliders for about the same price or less.  Instead of fighting over the best seat in the house, you can pick the perfect spot on your couch.  The only texting you will have to put up with is your own and likewise, there’s no one talking during the movie or kicking the back of your seat.  With all the options like Netflix, Redbox, Amazon and other sources of movies, there’s almost no reason to go see anything in the theater. Almost.

Except for the fact that some movies are simply made to be watched on the big screen, with surround sound, with popcorn in hand.  “The King’s Speech” isn’t one of them.  You can watching Colin Firth drop the F-bomb and dance around with Geoffrey Rush at home, on your Iphone, wherever, it’s going to be the same experience.  But “Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol” was AMAZING to watch in IMAX, because of it’s footage on the outside of the Burg Khalifa.

On the big screen, the microphone looks a lot bigger. That is all.

In a theater, the ground looks REALLY far away.

So while I will likely spend much of my 2012 movie watching in front of my computer or TV, there are some movies that I think will be worth seeing in the theater.  Here they are listed chronologically with my rationale (the links in the names will take you to the IMDB site where you can watch the trailer and do other fun stuff.  All images are from the respective IMDB film pages.)

January 20 – Coriolanus

The cast is amazing, it's got Shakespeare sensibility with modern epic battle, and it's Ralph Fiennes' directorial debut. I'm getting a "V for Vendetta" vibe.

February 3 – The Woman in Black

It's Harry Potter's first movie since Harry Potter in which he doesn't play Harry Potter. It's looks creepy, atmospheric, and has a scary house with dolls. Maybe you could watch this at home with the lights off, but I think the tension inside a dark theater where you can't turn the lights on would be great.

June 8 – Prometheus

If you're a fanboy, there's not much else to say. It's Ridley Scott, returning to the Alien roots with the story of the Space Jockey. It's got Stringer Bell, Lisbeth Salander and Michael Fassbender. I was obsessed with the first Alien movie, in fact, I begged my mom to get it out of the library for me when I was way younger than 17. Rumor has it there will be R and PG-13 rated cuts submitted to the studio. I hope they choose the former.

July 20 – The Dark Knight Rises

It was filmed in Pittsburgh, the prologue has Mayor Carcetti, and it's the last of the trilogy from a director who has yet to put a foot wrong. Plus, it comes out on my birthday.

November  9 – Skyfall

It's not "The Quantum of Solace", so that's a big plus right there. Sam Mendes is an intruiging directing choice and the franchise has something to prove (like that Casino Royale wasn't a fluke and can actually set the standard for the new James Bond movies.)

December 14 – The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

It's Peter Jackson doing LOTR stuff again. What's not to like? I wish "At the Mountains of Madness" was also getting a theater release date, but you can't win them all. The only question is, will I be able to tell all of the characters apart? The trailer looks a bit confusing.

There you have it.  I left off a few (like the new Bourne movie with Jeremy Renner), but these are the ones I’m marking my calendar for.  Now, go watch some movies!


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  1. I can’t wait for Batman and The Hobbit!!! The Hobbit was my favorite book from the LoTR…as I didn’t read the other books…haha

    January 2, 2012 at 2:03 pm

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