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Memories of Murder – Movie Review

*Alright, I decided that in addition to keeping track of beers, I’m going to share some movie recommendations.  I’m lacking a cool name for the series, but for now I’ll just call it “What You Should Watch.”  The idea is to share some ideas on gems you If you have any better ideas for a series title, shoot ’em my way and maybe I’ll take your recommendation.  Anyway, the idea is to share with you some movies you might have missed that I think are worth seeing.  They’ll be posted on Wednesdays, so it’ll be “Wednesday’s What You Should Watch” for now.

You should really watch the 2003 South Korean film “Memories of Murder.”  It’s a smart and haunting police procedural about a small town police department in the 1980s that attempts solve a series of brutal killings.  The only catch is, the department has no procedure to follow because they’ve never dealt with a serial killer before.  It would be wrong to compare it to a film like “Silence of the Lambs” because there are no experts involved in this story, no secret informants who know all there is to know about the evil mind.  The detectives are lost, under pressure, and ready to snap.  If you liked “Zodiac” you would like this movie.  It’s not about action and chases, but about the effect of not being able to come up with answers to incredible problems.  For a Korean movie about the chase for a killer, it’s relatively light on violence compared to other thrillers coming from the same country.

The director, Bong Joon Ho, went on to direct the sci-fi smash “The Host” as well as another subtle murder story “Mother”.  You may recognize one of the detectives Song Kang-ho from “The Host” as well as the films of Park Chan Wook.  The film was the most watched film of 2003 in South Korea, but only grossed about $15,000 in the United States when it was shown in 2005.  It’s worth using a Netflix DVD rental on, as the final scene (filmed in broad daylight) provides the perfect closure for a film with the title, “Memories of Murder.”


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