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Beer #8 – Harpoon Winter Warmer Ale

Harpoon Brewery is another fairly local brewery that I try and support as much as possible.  They make some really strong craft bombs as well as a nice line of unfiltered ales which includes the great UFO Hefeweizen.  The brewery was founded back in 1986 and has locations in Boston and also Windsor, Vermont.  I picked up a mixed pack of beer from a variety of breweries the other day and when I saw their winter seasonal, I knew I had to try it.  So here’s a great winter beer, the Winter Warmer.

Winter Warmer, Harpoon Brewery
Massachusetts, United States of A
Winter Warmer, 5.50% ABV

Aroma: Definite notes of cinnamon, sweet malt and faint hops.  A nice spice nose.

Appearance: Amber/red, very small head that dissipated quite quickly.

Flavor: Nice balance of spicy malts and hops up front, hoppy and then a nice lingering cinnamon on the finish.

Mouthfeel: Very crisp, medium body, nice carbonation.  The bottle advertises it as a full-bodied ale, but it’s not as heavy as that suggests.

Overall: I like the idea of winter ales using spices and other added ingredients, even if it goes against Bavarian purity laws.  But then again, if I wanted a beer brewed to Bavarian specifications, I would just drink one.  This has nice spice notes and warmth to it.  Not really a session beer, but enjoyable for a winter beer.


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