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Wednesday’s What You Should Watch – The Square

Today’s entry comes by way of six degrees of separation, sort of.  Not Kevin Bacon style, but just sort of connecting the dots.  I was reading an article about Kathryn Bigelow‘s film about hunting Osama Bin Laden and saw that Nash Edgerton had joined the cast.  Who is Nash Edgerton?  Well, he’s the brother of Joel Edgerton who is also attached to the film and appeared in “Warrior” and “The Thing” over the past two years.  I had thought that he sort of appeared out of nowhere, but the article mentioned that the brothers had teamed up on the noir film, “The Square.”  It’s currently available on Netflix streaming and I recommend you watch it, RIGHT NOW.  Here’s why.

A great noir film actually has a lot in common with a great comedy.  They usually both involve a couple very much in love, who either has some sort of task to face.  In a comedy it could be something like meeting the parents.  In a noir, they are probably trying to rob one of their lovers and then the hell out of dodge.  That’s basically the premise for “The Square.”  And like any good comedy, we know that in a noir film, what can and will go wrong, does, usually because of some missteps, misunderstandings, and unintended consequences.  However, the difference is that in comedies, everything works out in the end and in noirs, everyone is usually dead in the end.

“The Square” follows something like this, involving lovers, money, death, and the attempts to deal with aftermath.  Like the cement that its title refers to, the film has a gritty tone, not just in content but in its film technique.  There is a dark tint to the film, its drab and there are few scenes involving vibrant colors.  It’s totally fitting to the style and the way the film unfolds.

The way in which everything comes together at the climax is so perfectly constructed and it fits everything that has come before it.  A great noir film has an ending which paints a picture of the inevitable and we know from all the exploration of character that this was the way it was meant to be.  I think I actually replayed the ending about three times when I watched it on Netflix.  If you’re in the mood for a great thriller, with few effects, that gets its thrills from subtle development and situations, watch this movie right now.


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