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Beer #18 – Gritty’s Best Brown Ale

I’m a sucker for brown ales.  Every brewery and brewpub should have a great example of this style.  It should be a staple in any beer drinkers arsenal.  It’s getting a little warmer out so I’m moving away from the super-heavy winter beers and to me, brown ales are pretty drinkable year round.  I saw one in the store the other day and was intrigued by the name, so here we go.  Here’s Gritty’s Best Brown Ale (which interestingly, is not profiled anywhere on their website). 


Gritty’s Best Brown Ale, Gritty McDuff’s Brewing CompanyMaine, United States of A
Northern English Brown Ale, 4.8 % ABV

Aroma: Caramel malt notes with a hint of hops, nice toffee scents.

Appearance: Pours amber, clear, with a medium head of light tan foam.

Flavor: Opens with malt sweetness, then some faint hop bitterness, finishing with very caramel sweetness.

Mouthfeel: Fairly light bodied, nice carbonation, easily drinkable.

Overall: This has gotten some bad reviews on other sites, but to me this is a great session beer.  It’s got a great complex aroma, great malt flavor with a nice finish.  I think some people might be put off by the sweetness, but it really has a nice caramel profile if you’re into that sort of beer.


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