A blog for dum ideas that are too long to fit on my Facebook status


A favorite professor of mine once said that life was spent either bragging or complaining.  That basically sums up the content of this blog.  I make no promises about the frequency of posts, but I will promise that each will consist of me either complaining or bragging about topics that I feel passionate about.

It would probably be good to briefly talk about those topics so you have an idea as to what to expect.  I figure your passions included what you spend non-survival time thinking about/doing/enjoying.   I guess “survival time” would be things like sleeping and using the toilet (which some people ARE passionate about I guess, but that’s for someone else’s blog.)  By that definition, I’m passionate about beer, movies, reading, writing, working on my PhD, social and criminal justice issues, being outdoors, playing sports, and embarrassingly, racking up online Call of Duty experience points on my Playstation 3.

This line just makes this page look more official by making three paragraphs.  But in fact, it’s not really long enough to make a paragraph.  Now it kind of is, but it’s not really a line anymore, but a series of lines.  Last thought, because I abide by the laws of the scientific method in my profession, much of this blog’s content will be UNSCIENTIFIC.  If it happens to be otherwise, I’ll try and warn you.  But no promises.



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