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Beer #27 – Flying Dog Under Dog Atlantic Lager

Under Dog Atlantic Lager, Flying Dog BreweryMaryland, United States of A
Premium American Lager, 4.7 %ABV

Aroma: Bright lemon and grassy,

Appearance: Pours clear, pale golden/yellow, small head of white foam.

Flavor: Nice hop and cracker malt profiles for a lager, with a good balance on the finish and no corn tastes like cheap mass-market lagers.

Mouthfeel: Light and crisp with good carbonation, but stronger presence than cheap lagers.  Fairly filling actually.

Overall: A nice session beer with a decent flavor profile, if nothing outstanding, but for a 4.7% lager, that’s what I’d expect from a craft brewery.


Beer #26 – Magic Hat Blind Faith IPA

Blind Faith, Magic Hat Brewing CompanyVermont, United States of A
India Pale Ale, 6.20 %ABV

Aroma: Resiny and grassy hops, and nice malt balance.

Appearance: Copper in color, small head.

Flavor: Citrus and grapefruit hop flavor, slight malt balance, and a nice citrus hop finish.

Mouthfeel: Medium/light bodied, nice carbonation.

Overall: Not bad for an IPA.  Pretty strong hop profile and bitterness, but without some of the more prolific grass and citrus flavors in some other IPAs.  It’s not bad, but was hoping for better aromas and balance.

Beer #25 – Magic Hat Elder Betty

Elder Betty, Magic Hat Brewing CompanyVermont, United States of A
Hefeweizen,  5.5%ABV

Aroma: Hints of lemon, grapefruit and banana.  Nice fruity aroma but not too intense.

Appearance: Pours a hazy gold, very small white head (could’ve been a glassware issue).

Flavor: Fruity up front, banana with a fairly strong wheat and tart/hop finish.

Mouthfeel: Medium light body, nice carbonation.

Overall: Nice aroma, fairly tart and bitter flavors for a wheat beer, which was somewhat unexpected.  Not sure I really dig this as a summer style.  The flavor is just a little hard to get used to and too intense for a summer beer.

Beer #24 – Magic Hat Pistil

Pistil, Magic Hat Brewing CompanyVermont, United States of A
Herbed/Spiced Beer,  4.50 %ABV

Aroma: Grassy, fruity and lemony, sweet on the back.

Appearance: Light, clear golden, small head of white foam.

Flavor: Nice light hops up front, hint of sweetness and malts and a grassy finish.  Not as much fruity taste as the nose would suggest.

Mouthfeel: Incredibly light, carbonation isn’t low, but not too intense.  Feels very airy.

Overall: Definitely a summer session beer, but I think it lacks a little in flavor.  I could drink a bunch on a hot day but my palette would probably prefer something else with a little more profile.  For the ABV, not a bad effort.

Beer #23 – Magic Hat #9

So yeah, long hiatus due to moving, travel, and dissertation research.  But I’m back and I’ve got a summer sampler of Magic Hat so I’m diving in and the next few reviews will be from that pack.  I assume most East Coast crafties have had #9 before, but since I’m trying to document everything and I haven’t reviewed this yet, here it goes.  Plus, the Artifactory is like the Willy Wonka version of a brewery, so you owe it to yourself to visit.

#9, Magic Hat Brewing CompanyVermont, United States of A
Fruit Beer,  5.10% ABV

Aroma: Strong presence of fruit, apricot, hint of lemon.

Appearance: Pours clear gold with a wonderfully large head of white foam.  Excellent lacing.

Flavor: Apricot up front, followed by a nice citrus hop flavor, and then a slightly sweet and fruity finish.

Mouthfeel: Medium-light body, nice carbonation, smooth but not slick.

Overall: It bills itself as a “not quite pale ale” but the beer world classifies it as a fruit beer with the pale ale as the underlying trait.  For that style, I think it’s a pretty solid example.  The fruit might be too aggressive for some seeking more hops and pale ale traits, but to me the profile fits Magic Hat’s billing.  At 5.1% it’s a solid summer session beer.

Beer #22 – Erie Misery Bay IPA

My last encounter with Erie wasn’t quite what I expected, but since I believe you should try everything twice, I opted to check out their IPA.  Here it is, the Misery Bay IPA from Erie Brewing Company.

Misery Bay IPA, Erie Brewing CompanyPennsylvania, United States of A
American India Pale Ale, 6.5 % ABV

Aroma: Citrusy hops, with almost a hint of sweet chocolate malts.

Appearance: Pours golden amber, almost no head.

Flavor: Grassy hop taste, warming alcohol, with some earthy malt and a nice, full and bitter finish.

Mouthfeel: Nice carbonation, medium-bodied.

Overall: Odd aromas to this beer out of the bottle, but the taste is really nice.  The lack of a head is disappointing though, although maybe it’s an aspect of my glass.  Aside from the appearance aspect, this is a pretty nice IPA.

Why Kids Don’t Know What the Titanic Is

There is a page quickly making its rounds on Facebook, consisting of tweets from idiotic tweens who didn’t know that the Titanic was actually a real ship.  If there is any justice in the world, when these kids apply to college and jobs in the future, those with the power to make decisions will pull up the tweets, shred the applications, and send these kids on a spaceship headed far away from this planet.

How did this happen?  That’s what everyone wants to know.  How did we get to the point where people are so stupid that they didn’t know the Titanic was a real ship?  In my mind, the answer is pretty simple.  There’s too much technology related crap taking up kid’s time and because of that, they’ve stopped reading books.  So I’m making an argument here with two clauses, so I guess I have to *prove* them.

Okay, you’re a 12 year-old.  Your life consists of getting up in the morning, going to school, maybe doing an after school activity, eating, homework and going to bed.  So what do you do in your spare time?  You could go upload pictures of your cleavage to Facebook, show everyone what you like on the Internet via Pinterst (I spelled it wrong and I don’t fucking care), you can play Angry Birds for 5 hours straight, you can watch the world collectively make fun of people who just want to try and sing on American Idol, you can watch 16 year olds whine about their birthdays on MTV, the list goes ON AND ON AND ON.  All this crap that is basically looking at some sort of screen, reading/watching some sort of crap that does nothing to educate you.

You know what I did at that age?  I fucking read books.  I didn’t have cable, so TV was basically pointless to watch.  There weren’t cell phones and there sure as hell weren’t games on them.  The Internet wasn’t invented (or maybe it was, but it wasn’t fast enough to even load Gmail) so I didn’t waste time on a computer.  I walked to the fucking library in the shopping mall nearby and I read books.  You know what I learned from reading before I was a teenager?

-all about Steven Spielberg and the making of Jaws
-how an early special effects technician pasted cutouts of sailors onto ants and had them run around a burning model ship to film a disaster sequence
-that the “crash of 1929 didn’t involve any vehicles
-that there was a chemical leak in India that killed a LOT of people and one guy saved a bunch of people on a train by not allowing it to stop in his station
-that there are things called space shuttles and one of them exploded in 1986 and it was a national tragedy
-that there was a series of children’s books involving a kid named Fudge
-that King snakes could eat other snakes
-that there are a lot of blurry photos of UFOs