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The Christmas Shoes

Okay, this post is NOT about the awful Christmas Shoes song by the group “Newsong“, nor is it about the awful movie that they made based on it with Rob Lowe.  And it’s not about Patton Oswalt‘s comedy routine about said song (although it is awesome and you need to look it up and watch it before finishing this post).  It is about a pair of shoes that I purchased recently, on the 7th of January to be exact, that are so awesome, it feels like they were a Christmas gift.  What magical shoes are these?

As the Joker once said, “Ta-da!”  I present to you, the New Balance Minimus Trail Shoes.  I keep wanting to type “minibus” even though that’s obviously wrong and has nothing to do with these shoes.  Weird.

So these are my shoes, exact same color and everything.  They even magically float in the air like that so you can see the side of one and the bottom of the other.  For $108 you’re damn right they do that.  Anyway, I won’t bore you with the technical aspects of them, you can read all about that here.  But what I will do is talk about how awesome they are and why I love them.  Then maybe you might considering buying them or something.  Not that I have stock in New Balance or anything, so buy whatever the hell you feel like.  But if you’re considering buying new shoes, or minimalist shoes, then you might want to consider what I have to say.

First, these shoes are LIGHT.  My old shoes began to feel very heavy recently and it just seemed like a giant pain in the butt to even move my feet.  Not anymore.  These feel like practically nothing and because of their lightweight nature, I feel a lot lighter on my feet when I’m running.  Because they are minimalist shoes, there’s no extra cushioning, or gel, or hard sores to soften the blow of foot on ground.  There’s almost nothing there and it feels like there’s almost nothing there.

Second, (and this goes along with the first) these shoes allow your foot to feel everything.  To some people, that might be a bad thing, but I am in love with it.  In my old shoes I felt like each time I struck, it was my shoe hitting the ground and not my foot.  I couldn’t really be sure of what part of my foot was hitting the ground, except it usually wasn’t my heel.  These shoes really allow your toes and sole of the foot to feel each strike, to feel how you are landing and pushing off, and where your toes are each time you hit.  It’s amazing because it allows me to adjust with each stride and know exactly what my foot is doing, and it’s cutting down on my pronation in a big way.

Third, they do an awesome job of encouraging a mid-foot strike.  My mechanics feel super good in this shoe.  I am nowhere close to landing on my heel and it seems quite effortless to land mid-foot, whereas because I had to make more of a concerted effort to avoid landing on the big heel of my old shoes.  There’s a certain feeling you get when you are really hitting a good stride and it usually takes me about 4 miles to get there.  In these, I feel like I am that much closer to that point when I start out.

So overall, I’m really hoping this shoe gets me a PR in Pittsburgh because I am having a great time with it.  Granted, I have yet to log any long runs, but I feel that if my form is improved then logging more distance won’t be a problem.  I’ll probably post every month or so with updates, but at this point in time, I’m giving these 5 stars on Netflix.